Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this section will answer all of your questions regarding the NZSBA Classifieds & Sheep Sales website. If you are not able to find the answer that you are looking for, please reach out to us by clicking the Contact link at the top or bottom of any page, or you may use the form on this page.


You must first register to create an ad listing on our website.

Go to 'Information > My Account' to Register.

Following registration you will receive an email requiring you to verify your email address before you can login.

Purchase a Membership Package

Once you have created your account you must purchase a 'Membership Subscription' package before you are able to create ads. You are able to do this from your 'Account Dashboard' after logging in.

Create an Ad

Simply click on the '+Create Your Ad' button and complete the required details for your listing.

NOTE: You may also purchase a 'Membership Subscription' from here if you have not already purchased or if your subscription has expired.

How Long Do My Listings Stay Live?

Ads are listed for 30 days.  As the seller, you will see when your ads will expire.

Registration allows genuine sellers to list livestock for sale, advertise grazing or advertise for work wanted or available. All details are kept confidential in line with our privacy policy. To place an ad listing, click on the 'Create Your Ad' button or 'My Account', register, purchase a 'Membership' option and submit your ad. If you wish to use the 'Chat' function on this website, you must be registered, even if you are the buyer.  If you require more information, you can always contact us using our 'Contact Form'.

All ads are moderated by the NZSBA administration team to prevent potential abuse or inappropriate postings. We endeavour to perform this in a timely manner. Your ad will appear online and we will notify you by email as soon as it has been approved.

We are happy to add a PDF 'Sales Catalogue' to your ad. It is not possible for you to add a PDF attachment to the listing yourself. However, our website administrator can add this for you to your ad. Full instructions on how to do this are included in the description of your 'Membership' plan. Please note that there is a small extra charge for this service. If you require further information on this topic, please contact us.

How Do I Make a Purchase?

To purchase something that you see advertised, reach out to the seller.  The seller information is listed on the ad, so you are able to send an email, call or even chat with the seller to find out more information or discuss purchase.  Simply hit the button on your choice of communication - it is located on the side of the listed item.

You do not need to register to buy. However, you may need to register an account if you wish to use the chat function. Registration is free.

How To Get Product Support?

All requests or support for sales is through the seller.  NZSBA Classifieds is only a listing site, we do not facilitate sales or support for sales.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, or with your experience, you must discuss this with the seller

There is a Contact link at the top and bottom of each page that has all of our contact information.

Additionally, complete the Send Us A Message form to provide us with more details about your query.  We will attempt to answer your query as soon as possible.